About Us - Adam & Sarah

About Us

We are excited to share this journey with you! We met as students at The University of Oklahoma. During college, we were both involved with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries (XA) and after graduation we felt God lead us to become Missionary Associates with XA. In 2011, we moved to Tulsa, OK to pioneer XA at The University of Tulsa (TU) in an effort to create the only on-campus, pentecostal outreach to the 50,000 college students in the greater Tulsa area. We have loved our time at TU! God has blessed us with an amazing team, students, and success, but we always knew He was calling us to Central America. During college, we had the opportunity to spend a summer in Costa Rica and went on to lead 4 missions teams to the country. Finally, God opened the door for us to follow our heart and on March 15th, 2013 we officially became AGWM Appointed Missionaries to Costa Rica! In Costa Rica, we will be working with a XA-style university ministry as well as doing community development programs. These programs will focus on meeting the needs of specific, neglected communities in San José- whether those needs are physical, emotional, mental, or, most of all, spiritual. To find out more about our ministry in Costa Rica visit the “Our Ministry” page.

me and the kids at el coli


My Story
Since the time I was in middle school, I always felt like God had called me into ministry. It was just something I felt in my “gut.” When I began going to church camp all my friends were being called to be youth pastors, and I just knew that I didn’t want to be a youth pastor! At that point, I began to seriously doubt if God had, in fact, called me into ministry. Just as I was doubting my call the most, I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip with my youth group to El Salvador. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I instantly felt a peace and comfort- a feeling of home. I didn’t know it yet, but God was already working in me. The whole trip was amazing, but one moment will stay with me forever. I remember it was our last night in this small town, at the very end of our trip. We left the church to go out on the streets and get some sodas. At that moment everything seemed to go into slow motion- some of my friends were playing soccer, another was witnessing to a guy, a couple of others were drinking sodas out of plastic bags- and i felt God speak into my heart and say: “This is it. This is why you were created. This is your call. You will be a missionary to Central America.” In that moment, God placed a passion and love in my heart for the people, language, and culture of Central America. Since my trip, every step in my life has been directed by God, leading me to Central America…and I am thrilled the time has come and the door has opened!

BA in Spanish, Minor- Health and Exercise Science, The University of Oklahoma, 2010

80 hours of certified life and leadership coach training through Coach Approach Ministries

Ministry Experience

2004- Short-term mission trip, El Salvador

2008- Church Ministry Internship, Pastor Darryl Wootton, Bartlesville First Assembly of God (Spirit Church), Bartlesville, OK

2008- Short-term mission trip, Guadalajara, Mexico

2009- Summer MAPS trip to San Jose, Costa Rica, spend 3 months work with LACC schools and local churches

2010- Team Leader, short-term mission trips, Costa Rica, lead 2 teams back to Costa Rica

2010- Missionary Associate, Oklahoma Chi Alpha Campus Ministries state office, worked with XA state-wide

2011- Team Leader, short-term mission trip, Costa Rica

2011- Missionary Associate, Chi Alpha- The University of Tulsa, pioneered XA at TU

2012- Team Leader, short-term mission trip, Costa Rica

2013- AGWM Appointed Missionary, Costa Rica

In My Free Time

In my spare time I like to:

Spend time with my wife and puppy (Risa Bella Quinn)

Speak Spanish

Play ALL sports (and really anything that takes skill and has a winner!)

Play music- keyboard, guitar, bass, ukulele

Graphic design

Watch The Office, Parks & Rec, Community, Grimm, Burn Notice, Big Bang Theory,  and many more

Play the occasional video game

Sarah in Honduras 2


My Story
My call to missions was a gradual one. Looking back, I can see how God was preparing me to be a missionary to Central America, but at the time I didn’t realize it. I went through most of college preparing for medical school until one night during my junior year I felt God urge me to pray about my future. That night I put my life in God’s hands and told Him to change my passions to match His. Up until that point, I was very passionate about medicine and worked tirelessly to prepare my resume for medical school. When I woke up the next morning, that passion was gone. It was one of the most tangible moments that I have felt God’s hand on my life. Not long after that, I felt God place a passion in my life for community health. I have a far greater passion now for equipping and empowering people to change the health of their community than I ever had for being a doctor. It is our goal to create and implement community-driven ministries that will restore respect and dignity to the individuals within the community. It is not our goal to provide handouts or create dependency, but rather to empower the individuals and the community to become independent and self-sustainable. We plan on addressing comprehensive issues – whether those are emotional, mental, physical or above all, spiritual. I have a national certification as a health education specialist, and I am so excited to use my God-given passions to help the communities and people of Costa Rica. More than anything, I can’t wait to share with them how incredible God is!

BS in Health and Exercise, Summa Cum Laude, The University of Oklahoma 2011

Certified Health Education Specialist – NCHEC

36 hours of certified life and leadership coach training through Coach Approach Ministries

Oklahoma State Academic Regents’ Scholar

Ministry Experience

2008- Short-term mission trip, Honduras

2008-2010- 4 year-old Sunday School teacher

2010- Team Leader, short-term mission trips, Costa Rica, lead 2 teams to Costa Rica

2011- Team Leader, short-term mission trip, Costa Rica

2011- Moved to Tulsa, OK to pioneer XA at the University of Tulsa

2012- Team Leader, short-term mission trip, Costa Rica

2013- AGWM Appointed Missionary, Costa Rica

In My Free Time

In my spare time I like to:

Spend time with Adam and our puppy Risa

Speak Spanish

Spend time outside


Listen to music

Play the piano




Invest in other people’s lives

Check off things on my to-do list

Tend to my 1ft x 2ft garden