Get us there SOONER!

Get us there SOONER!

It’s football time in Oklahoma! The Quinn family loves the fall: our alma mater, the Oklahoma Sooners, hit the field again, we celebrate our wedding anniversary (Sept. 17th), Adam has his birthday (Sept. 29th), and it’s our favorite weather of the year. Since this season is already so exciting, we thought, what better time for a big push!

Our mobilization director (mobilization is the department in charge of making sure we raise our budget) will tell you that it takes missionaries 15-18 months to raise their monthly pledges. We believe, with your help & God, we can get to Costa Rica SOONER! In fact, what we call our “God Goal” has us leaving for Costa Rica May 7th, 2014. That would mean we raised our budget in just 10 months!

We can do it, and here’s the plan.

1stPray for us! For the first time we have a huge dream which we cannot achieve with our own effort. We must rely on God’s faithfulness and his people’s obedience. Pray that God grants us favor with everyone we talk to. Pray that we communicate our vision clearly and inspire enthusiasm within people’s hearts. Pray for encouragement when we get discouraged and continued determination and perseverance. Every time you hear the TV, radio, or conversations about the Sooners and football, remember to pray for us. Join our prayer team

2ndMake a monthly commitment. We know you hear it a lot, but that’s because it is true: every amount matters. Can you do $5, $10, $25, $50, or more a month? We can tell you from experience, if you give to the Lord out of the little you have, he will continue to provide for you in ways that cannot be explained. That’s why we support fellow missionaries: we believe in who they are and what God has called them to do, and we know that if we give, God will always be faithful. A word of encouragement: our personal supporters range from $15/month to $500/month and without each of them, we would not make it to Costa Rica. Play the part God has given you to play and He will take care of the rest! 

To commit monthly by a reoccurring debit/credit card charge:

To commit and give by mail or by manual debit/credit card charge:

* When you make a monthly commitment, please shoot us an email or a Facebook message so we can be sure everything goes through smoothly. Thank you! 

3rdShare about us with EVERYONE! We are going to make this really easy for you! Between now and the time we leave we will have big pushes powered by website and social media content. You just need to share the posts with your friends! Our next push is coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time, check out and share our previous pushes.

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