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Marcela’s Story 

My name is Marcela, and I’m an English major at the University of Costa Rica in San Pedro.


The university brought me new experiences and challenges, but one experience in particular has turned my life around. 


Everything began one sunny afternoon when walking through the campus, I stumbled upon a group of Americans, one of which came up to me, and with a smile gave me a flyer. The title of the flyer was “Life Group”, and it caught my attention because I had never heard of anything like that. When I came to the first meeting, I saw a group of students that between smiles, told stories and what intrigued me the most was that they included me as if they had known me for years. It was beautiful, and I liked it even more when I found out they were a Christian group that shared their faith week after week.


One of the biggest challenges as a young Christian is maintaining my beliefs before the thousands of perspectives that the university shows us. Many young people fall away from Christianity when other ideologies like humanism and pantheism are brought into the classrooms, and many professors affirm that these ideologies are truth that everyone should follow, altering the true message of the Gospel.


In the middle of this constant bombardment of our faith, there was nothing better for me than to find young people that are going through the same trials and week to week discuss themes like relationships, identity, university life, and other themes that resolve every doubt, reinforce their foundations just as Jesus taught us in his word. 


Currently I’m a leader of RU and this ministry for me is a very useful tool to reach the university students and, from a critical perspective, to show the students the importance of having a relationship with Christ, being like a bridge between pre-Christians and the Church, the body of Christ. 


RU is the tool that God has used to transform my life, draw me closer to Him, and give me a family in Christ. It has enabled me to share my faith fearlessly with my friends and classmates and to expect the supernatural.