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Maria’s Story 

My experience in RU is so much fun, in fact, it’s the reason I know about RU. They used a technique so effective, it was almost impossible to fail: Iced Coffee! Who doesn’t go crazy when they are given coffee? First point in favor of RU.


Afterwards, they gave out cookies and spoke of an activity they were having. How can you not give someone a chance when they give out food? Second point in favor of RU, and that was all the points they needed.


Since that day, RU has become my free therapy session. Every time I feel bad, discouraged, stressed, alone, RU gives me reasons to continue, reasons that should always be present, but that sometimes, especially when you feel bad, you forget them completely. 


There is nothing better than having that voice that pushes you to keep going, to trust the hand of God, and to do the best you can.


Also that voice that talks to me is collective; it’s the voice of the rest of the group that encourages me.In RU I found friends, friends that are like they were sent from the Lord above. Without a doubt, they are a blessing.


I think RU has become my family, a family where everyone is different, but they accept you as you are. In RU I found friends – friends who were sent by God, and without a doubt, are a blessing to me. It is amazing to be able to share experiences, problems, laughter, and tears. I know I have friends who will pray for me and are always available to help me with anything: a family. They make me want to be a Christian.